Water Tube can be setup in 3 simple steps.

Step 1.

Plant your tree or plant. in your desired location. Place the Water Tube around the it with the two water holes at the top. Make sure the ground around the plant is level and that stones and rocks are removed. Hammer three stakes evenly spaced around the inside of the Water Tube with the stakes against the plastic at the top. At the bottom, ensure that the stakes are angled inwards towards the plant so the Water Tube can expand at the bottom when filled.

Step 2.

Tear off the perforated tabs at the top of the Water Tube to create the water filling holes and discard them safely in a recycling bin. Fill the Water Tube with water to the top. Use both filling holes alternatively to ensure quicker distribution of water.

Step 3.

Prep the adjustable coil dripper supplied with your Water Tube by slightly straightening the sharpened end. Then, simply insert the sharpened end of the dripper into the Water Tube, approximately 5cm up from the bottom with the dripping end facing the plant in the centre. Screw the dripper in two or three turns and make sure that water is dripping out before moving onto your next installation. If the dripper fails to pierce the bag instantly, reapply in exactly the same spot to ensure you prevent leaks.


Water Tube can sustain a plant for two weeks before it will need replenishing.
Water Tube is completely recyclable, Australian owned & made.
If the Water Tube is accidentally damaged, it can easily be repaired with duck tape or similar water-proof tape.

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