Water Tube provides your plants with water regardless of the weather, protects them from animals, sun, wind and frost, and helps them grow bigger, faster. Make your planting a success!


A Complete Solution.

Water Tube creates in effect an entire protective micro-climate that maximises the young tree’s growing chances. While filled with water, the Water Tube offsets variations in climatic conditions: it warms the interior when the atmosphere is cold and maintains cooler temperatures in fierce direct sunshine with an ultra-violet-resistant outer jacket.

Water Tube ensures higher survival rates, reducing planting and cultivation costs and increasing yield.

Household Water Audit.

Volume Consumption in Litres per 30 Days
1. Water Tube2. 1xWatering Can per day

  1. Water Tube

  2. 1x Watering can per day

  3. Sprinkler 10 min per day

  4. Hand hose 10 min per day

  5. Fixed sprinkler 10 min per day

  6. Drip irrigation 60 min per day

Source: South East Water, Melbourne, Australia. The Irrigation Association of Australia, The Nursery Industry Association of Victoria, Australia



Rate of Survival.

Comparison of Water Tube versus conventional treatments.

save time
save money
save water
Source: School of Agriculture, Charles Sturt University